Victory Kingpin Tourer
Receiver Hitch Instructions


Place bike on side stand on solid level ground.

Remove Saddlebags -  Remove the 4 bolts inside the saddlebags as shown below.
Be careful not to let the spacers on the back side off the bag fall and roll away.

Remove the saddlebag supports. Do not let the chrome strut cover fall and get scratched.
Remove the side covers by gently pulling straight out.

Picture with saddlebag mounts and strut cover removed.

Install 2 8 X 1.25 X 70mm bolts through the 2 holes for the fender struts in the saddlebag mounts.
Then slide a 5/8" spacer over the front bolt and a 1/2" spacer over the rear bolt.
Next place the chrome fender strut cover onto the bolts. Carefully place the assembly back onto the bike,
making sure the hitch side plate is under the trunk mounting bracket and start the bolts in the holes.
Next insert the 3  8 X 1.25 X 25mm bolts through the trunk bracket holes and position 3  1/2" spacers between
the saddlebag mount and the trunk mounting bracket, as shown below.

Install the front saddlebag mount bolt, you will have to push in on the bar a little to get the bolt started.
Now go back and tighten the rest of the bolts and reinstall the side cover.

Repeat the above steps for the other side of the bike.

Place the base plate on top of the side plates under the rear fender and install the 4 carriage
bolts through the side plate holes and into the base plate holes by reaching under the rear fender
and tighten using the 4 self locking nuts.

(If hitch is not centered with the rear fender you may have to shim the front strut bolts
with one or two small washers. this is extremely rare.)

Replace the saddlebags.

Either install the ball mount tube into the base plate using the 1/2" bolt, nut and cotter pin.
(for safety) and install the trailer ball (not included) or gently tap the hitch cover plug into place.

Be sure to double check all bolts are tight!

Your hitch is now installed.