Yamaha Stratoliner Hitch Installation Instructions


1.    Remove the saddlebags and then remove the bar that runs between the saddlebag brackets.

 2.Loosen the saddlebag support brackets at the 4 places indicated below on each side of the bike.

3.Mount the hitch base plate in place of bar that was removed and snug the bolts to hold in place.

4. Remove the top rear saddlebag support bolt and insert the left side plate behind the saddlebag support bracket. Make sure the lower side plate offset is on the inside to clear the saddlebag support bracket properly.  Reinsert the bolt and hand tighten. Then remove the top front saddlebag support bolt and slide the front of the side plate in place and reinsert the bolt and hand tighten.  Repeat for the opposite side of the motorcycle.

5.       Install 4 bolts (2 on each side) to join the base plate and the side plates. Then install a washer and a self locking nut on each bolt and tighten.

6.       Tighten the bolts that hold hitch base plate in place,  and then tighten all saddlebag support bolts on both side of motorcycle.

7. Install the trailer hitch ball. (not supplied)

8. Reinstall your saddlebags.

Your new MCHITCH Stratoliner hitch is now complete.